Testimonials from Emergo Group Clients

Since 1997, Emergo Group has helped hundreds of companies worldwide by helping them implement new quality processes, enter new markets or stay a step ahead of regulatory changes. Our business philosophy is based on doing what is right for our clients and always delivering more than is expected. Here are a few unsolicited comments from clients who have used our RA/QA consulting services:

"I look forward to continuing to work with EMERGO GROUP as you have always been responsive. As the lone regulatory person within our organization it is wonderful to be able to receive help from your organization."
Gillian C. – Arbor Vita Corporation (Freemont, CA USA)
"...I've finally had a chance to review your report on the Vessel Loops – everything looks great."
Megan H. - Aspen Surgical (Caledonia, MI USA)
"This is really useful information, I appreciate your efforts in the timely response."
Vincent C. - Candelis (Irvine, CA USA)
"I am writing to thank you for the splendid effort put in to get the 510k approval for us. It has been a pleasure working with you and Emergo Group, and we look forward to furthering our business relationship in the future."
Dr. Sunil F. - DPL Group (Colombo, Sri Lanka)
"Your guidance at the beginning of this process was critical to our success, and we are grateful for the advice and information you generously offered us. We are very pleased with the outcome of this process, and very glad to have you as advisors."
Gianluca DL. - Delsys, Inc. (Boston, MA USA)
"I want to thank you also for the prompt reply on the EN ISO 14971 question recently. I always value your expert insight."
Cindy A. - Helix Medical (Carpinteria, CA USA)
"Thank you for the explanation. It is perfectly clear. Obviously, it is clear why we came to you in the first place! Everyone at Lucid is thrilled."
James J. - Lucid Inc. (Rochester, NY USA)
"We want to say thank you very much for your support helping us pursue ISO 13485:2003. All your dedication is really appreciated and we enjoyed working with you. Thanks to you and your dedicated staff."
Maritza M.R. - Ortho-Tain, Inc. (Winnetka, IL USA)
"I have sat through a lot of MGT/TQM training in my career. Mr. Seiple [Emergo Consultant] took what many would consider a dry subject and kept it engaging and pertinent – not an easy task. Great job!"
David R. - RyMed Technologies (Austin, TX USA)
"Emergo Group has again taken customer service to a new level! Thank you for all your help & support! "
Bonnie L. - Strite Industries Limited (Cambridge, Ontario, CANADA)
"Thanks for all of your help and advice you’ve provided over the past year. Your service has been a valuable help to me."
Mike M. - Stryker (Dallas, TX USA)
"There is nothing like a super-quick response to demonstrate great customer service. Thank you!"
Dick B. - Ziosoft Inc. (Redwood City, CA USA)