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Middle East Medical Distributor Search and Qualification

Emergo has completed  280+ distributor search and qualification projects in Europe and Middle EastHealthcare markets in many Middle Eastern countries are becoming more transparent and modern. Markets such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Iran and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) show growth potential and allow foreign manufacturers to leverage their existing medical device registrations such as European CE Marking.

Besides successful registration, however, you must also carefully select Middle East medical distributors that can best support your growth plans and compete effectively in your chosen markets. With offices in Cairo, Riyadh, Haifa and Istanbul, Emergo can identify and evaluate medical distributors best suited to your business goals.

Medical distributor search for Middle Eastern markets

Whether your Middle East distribution strategy focuses on commercialization in a specific country or setting up an entire regional network, Emergo has the expertise to identify and qualify medical distributors efficiently in countries such as Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Israel. We offer a multi-step process for evaluating potential Middle East distribution partners based on your business needs. We can perform as many, or few, services listed below as your needs dictate.

  • Analysis of your device’s market potential and competitors in your chosen markets
  • Building a custom service and logistics profile according to your requirements
  • Face-to-face interviews with potential Middle East medical device distributors on your behalf
  • Evaluating your short list of potential distributors on-site
  • Final Middle Ease distributor selection following Emergo evaluation and analysis

Local business knowledge and expertise is key in evaluating Middle East medical device distributors

Our team of consultants in Turkey, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and across the Middle East provides thorough and efficient distributor search support. Selecting Emergo as your distributor search partner gives you access to:

  • Professional and experienced staff dedicated to the Middle East medical device industry
  • Expert knowledge of Egyptian, Turkish, Saudi Arabian and other regional markets
  • Native language and business customs expertise
  • Truly independent evaluation and analysis of your potential distributors

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Listen to our 17 minute audio podcast interview on the process of finding and qualifying distributors in the Middle East:

In this interview with Emad Elmasry, Managing Director of Emergo distribution operations in the Middle East, we discuss frequently asked questions about medical device distribution in Middle Eastern markets.