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Medical Distributor Search and Selection

Emergo has completed  440+ distributor search and qualification projects WorldwideWhether you are looking to expand your existing network of medical distributors, or are entering the global market for the first time, properly evaluating new distributors is vital. All too often, companies rush into a new market after obtaining regulatory approval only to discover later that they wished they had done more due diligence before selecting their medical device distributors. Choosing the wrong partners can lead to significant loss in potential sales and a poor relationship with end users, damaging your brand name in a market and potential for future success.

Helping you research the healthcare market for your device

It is vital to know the market potential and determine the market entry strategy of your products. Emergo can provide a market analysis that includes practical market information, such as an overview of the healthcare market in general, adoptability of new devices, competitors and competing technologies, profiles of market leaders and more. This market information is gathered through desk research in combination with direct feedback from interviewing local end users, distributors, and specialists.

Emergo’s Distribution Division helps medical device manufacturers research, analyze, select and manage distribution partners in global markets with a team of local experienced professionals. Due to the complexity of finding and establishing relationships with viable distributors, we take a “two-step” approach with the first step being remote screening and qualification and the second, the selection of distributors.

Profiling distributors to ensure they meet your market needs

The first step in the medical distributor selection process is to create a profile based on your product and specific needs. This can be provided by you or created after conducting a thorough country analysis. Using this profile, we generate a pre-screened list of potential medical device distributors. Depending on which market(s) are of interest to you, we conduct a countrywide search, in combination with the medical device specialty niche we are focusing on, this list may range from 5 to 40 pre-screened specialty distributors.

Qualifying Distributors and Checking References Results in Better-Qualified Distributors for Your Goals

After you have reviewed and approved the pre-screened distributor profiles, we go through a methodical process of contacting and qualifying these medical distributors on your behalf. During this process we contact these companies, introduce your company and provide product information, pricing, and samples (if applicable). Interested medical device distributors will be interviewed, asked to provide details on how they intend to launch your products, and will be checked for references.

This process narrows the list substantially, usually leaving two or three medical distributors that have expressed a sincere interest in selling your products and meet all of the requirements set forth in your distributor profile. After our follow up discussions with these medical distributors we will set up a conference call between you and the distributor(s). This extensive bottom-up research and due diligence process takes 6 to 8 weeks to complete and the work is done by one of our specialized distribution consultants. Throughout this process we will provide you with regular progress reports for your review and feedback.

In Step Two, we can assist you with the distributor selection phase, which typically includes further qualification via conference calls and on-site visits, contract negotiations, and checking references. If requested, we can accompany you for these onsite meetings with the qualified Distributor(s). This step is quoted on an hourly basis with separate fees for travel expenses, if applicable. Our quote is dependent on the scope of services for the project.

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