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Medical Distributor Search for South Africa

South Africa's healthcare system is growing, with healthcare expenditures more than doubling in recent years.

The South African medical device market is supplied primarily by imports and has limited regulation requirements, providing excellent opportunities for foreign device manufacturers.

While registration and CE Marking are currently only required for electromagnetic and radiation-emitting devices, South Africa has proposed changes to their registration system that could impact device approval in the near future.

Choosing the right distribution partners

When considering distribution in South Africa, it’s important to ensure that distributors are capable of offering quality service while staying up-to-date with upcoming regulatory changes.

Choosing the wrong distributors can lead to missed sales opportunities, poor relationships with consumers and a damaged brand name.

Distributor Search and Selection Process in South Africa

Emergo has years of experience working with medical device manufacturers to research, analyze and select new South African distribution partners. Our two-step approach to distributor selection includes:

1. Market potential and entry strategy for South Africa

  • Inventory of competing products on the market.
  • Determination of compliance requirements of the Medicines Control Council (MCC)
  • Optimal service and logistics structure, if needed.

2. Medical supply distributor qualification and selection

  • Creation of an ideal medical supply distributor profile.
  • Use of Emergo database to determine distributors within South Africa.
  • Intensive screening of medical device distributors, including an evaluation of experience and service level.
  • In-depth interviews to determine qualified medical distribution candidates.
  • On-site evaluations of medical distributors.
  • Final distributor selection by client based on our analysis.

Work With Our Team of Distribution Specialists in South Africa

Our team of experienced consultants on-site in South Africa can help you choose the right distributors for your medical devices. Here’s what we offer:

  • Extensive experience in regulatory and quality assurance issues, including the status of proposed South African regulations.
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the medical device market and business culture in South Africa.
  • Optional ongoing distributor network management to ensure distributors are maximizing the potential for your products in every city where you have representation.
  • Multilingual capabilities.

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