European Packaging Waste Directive and Green Dot

The European Packaging and Packaging Waste Directive (94/62/EC) dictates that if you are a manufacturer that sells in Europe, and your product includes any kind of packaging, you are required to recover that packaging. This can be done by creating a system to recover your own packaging from the purchaser of your products (rarely done), or by paying a license fee to join a non-profit program, such as a Green Dot scheme, that releases you from the obligation of recovering your own packaging waste placed in the European market. The Green Dot packaging program is the standard take-back program in more than two dozen European countries to date.

Managing European packaging waste regulation compliance with individual country Green Dot programs has proven to be quite time consuming for companies, especially those selling products throughout Europe. Each country program requires its own license. These programs require you to report the amount of packaging waste you have generated and levy different licensing fees depending on the reported volume. The Green Dot logo can only be placed on your packaging once you have a licensing agreement in place and have paid the license fee. A licensing agreement requires you to have a physical presence in the EU, or you may appoint an independent firm with a presence in the EU.

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