Medical Device Translation Specialists

The following translation firms have been evaluated by Emergo Group and have proven expertise serving the medical device and life sciences industry. We ONLY list companies with divisions that specialize in life sciences translations, doing a substantial percentage of their business in medical devices. We also evaluate firms based on the following criteria: 

Tips for evaluating life sciences translation firms:

1. Linguist qualification: Remember, people do translations. Ask the translation firm you are evaluating how they qualify their linguists, and how they track ongoing performance. Find out what tests they administer before they accept a linguist. This is especially important in categories with higher risk/complex products. Also, ensure that all of their translators are native speakers living in their home country, not transaltors proficient in a language but living abroad. The nuances of language are very important so having someone from Spain translate a document into Spanish for a product that will be sold in Mexico is going to lead to problems. 

2.  Certification: Ask if they have the following certifications: ISO 13485 (medical device), ISO 15038 (translation). If they don't have 15038 certification, they are not a serious translation firm. If they don't have 13485, you have to ask yourself how serious they are about the medical device industry.

3. Location of Project Management team: Many translation firms have offices in many places, and serve several industries. However, what you want to know is where the primary project management team(s) for medical devices is located. If you are located in the US, they should have a team in the US. If you are in Europe, they should have a team somewhere in the EU. These are the people you will be working with the most.

One last thought. If you are serious about succeeding in a specific market, translation quality is key, price is secondary. Don't select a translation company based on price alone.

Translation firms with extensive life sciences experience evaluated by Emergo Group:

We have evalauted the firms below and all meet the criteria noted above. These translation firms have proven expertise in our industry and have worked with a large number of medical device and IVD companies.

Argos Translations

Crimson/ Transperfect

Excel Translations


Merrill Brink International

OmniLingua Worldwide


If you would like to suggest a company for inclusion on this list, please contact us. We will only evaluate translation firms for inclusion on this list if they have ISO 13485 certification and more than 30% of their translation business is from medical device/IVD companies (not including pharma and biotech).