SPAIN - Medical Device Industry and Demographic Data

Shown below you will find some basic demographic and economic data on Spain, plus information specific to the medical device and healthcare industry.

Capital city: Madrid

Total area: 504782 km²

Population of Spain: 46.2 million

Currency: Euro

Language: Spanish

Structure of Spanish population:
0-14 years: 15%
15-64 years: 68%
65 years and over: 17% (2011 est.)

Life expectancy at birth:
Male: 79 years
Female: 85 years

Healthcare expenditures total (% of GDP): 9.6%

Healthcare expenditures per capita: $3032 (USD)

Expenditures on healthcare:
Government: 73%*
Private: 27%**

Number of hospitals in Spain: 309 public, 491 private (2007 data)

Healthcare financing: Hospital funding in the public sector is now generally carried out through negotiation of a contract program between the hospital and the regional authority third-party payer, setting out the objectives to be achieved by the hospital and including financing to these objectives. Some of the autonomous communities (Andalucia, Basque Country, Catalonia) have introduced pilot payment systems based on DRG or Patient Management Categories. Primary healthcare GPs receive a salary plus a capitation component which takes into account the nature of the population, its density and the percentage of the population over 65 years.

Spanish medical device industry: The Spanish medical equipment and supplies market ranks fifth in the EU-25 and ninth in the world at an estimated value of $3.9 billion in 2007. The trade is import-led; import $3.2 billion (2006); export $1.1 billion (2006). In 2006, the net production was valued at $ 1.5 billion. Most of the market is supplied by import and the main categories are orthopedic and prosthetic appliances, medical supplies, syringes, needles and catheters and electromedical equipment.

Medical device distributors in Spain: In Spain you might end up with multiple medical device distributors because of regional cultures. An end-user from Barcelona may only want to buy from a local distributor and not from a distributor located in Madrid. You will find that many distributors either have offices or work with sub-distributors in these different regions.

* Government expenditures include all spending on healthcare passed through governmental agencies regardless of the funding source. Source: World Health Organization global health expenditure database. 2010 data.
** Private healthcare expenditures include private medical insurance, direct out-of-pocket payments by the consumer and other non-governmental sources. Source: World Health Organization global health expenditure database. 2010 data.