NORWAY - Medical Device Industry and Demographic Information

Capital city: Oslo

Total area: 323 802 km²

Population: 4.95 million

Structure of population:
0-14 years: 19%
15-64 years: 66%
65 years and over: 15% (2011 est.)

Life expectancy at birth:

Male: 79 years

Female: 83 years

Currency: Norwegian Krone

Language: Bokmal Norwegian, Nynorsk Norwegian

Healthcare expenditures total (% of GDP): 9.7%

Healthcare expenditures per capita: $7533 (USD)

Expenditures on healthcare:

Government: 84%*

Private: 16%**

Number of hospitals: 74 (2002 data)

Healthcare financing: Hospital financing is a combination of block grant financing and activity-based financing (DRG). There might be differences in the activity-based tariffs among regions because regional health authorities are allowed to change the DRG reimbursement rates to their health enterprises. Outpatient care is reimbursed by special rates. The primary healthcare sector is in general paid by combination of fee-for-service, lump sum grants, capitation from municipalities and out-of-pocket payments. Out-of-pocket payments usually relate to ambulatory care, laboratory and radiology services, and dental health care.

Medical device industry: Norway's medical device market is mature and highly advanced. In 2008, the market is valued at $1 156 million and expected to grow by 7.4 % per annum. In 2006, Norway imported medical devices for $849.7 million (11 % growth to the previous year) and exported $330.9 million worth medical devices. Local production is in small scale and thus it is expected that the increasing market demand would be met by imports.

* Government expenditures include all spending on healthcare passed through governmental agencies regardless of the funding source. Source: World Health Organization global health expenditure database. 2010 data.
** Private healthcare expenditures include private medical insurance, direct out-of-pocket payments by the consumer and other non-governmental sources. Source: World Health Organization global health expenditure database. 2010 data.