How to select a European medical device distributor

Download white paper - Selecting Medical Device Distributors in Europe

Once you have your CE mark, how to you sell your products? In the rush to comply with European regulatory requirements and get all required documentation in order, some firms overlook the fact that their devices, no matter how innovative or beneficial, cannot sell themselves.

You need a motivated distribution company to sell your product. But how do you find a distributor in a market with dozens of cultures and languages? It's not easy. In this white paper, we'll answer you biggest questions about distributor search and selection in Europe, including:

  • How to evaluate EU distributors to determine the best fit for your device?
  • What to look for in a quality medical device distributor?
  • How to prepare and negotiate contracts?
  • How to manage payment arrangements with your distributor?
  • What you should know about meeting documentation and shipping requirements?

Learn all this and much more in this 6-page white paper.