The Emergo Group Team Worldwide

Emergo Group maintains local consulting offices worldwide. Our consultants and employees are located in Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Egypt, France, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, The Netherlands, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, South Korea, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, UK and USA. Resumes and CVs are available upon request.

Name Title Location
CASAS, Ramiro Fabian Regulatory Manager, Latin America Buenos Aires


Name Title Location
SKALSKY Ph.D, Mike Director, Emergo Australia Sydney


Name Title Location
SELDESLAGH, Kristine Senior Consultant, Clinical Brussels
Name Title Location
AMORIM, André Manager of Legal Affairs Brasília
BRISOLLA, Marcelo Managing Director, Brazil São Paulo
BRISOLLA, Herica Senior Distribution Consultant São Paulo
DUN, Michael Regulatory Affairs Consultant São Paulo
FARIA, Jorge Technical Translator Brasília
GUSTAVO, Davi International Projects Assistant Brasília
LEVY, Luiz RA/QA Consultant São Paulo
LIMA, Maria Luiza Legal Affairs Assistant Brasília
MUNDIM, Sarah Regulatory Affairs Specialist Brasília
MORAES, Maria Luiza Regulatory Affairs Specialist São Paulo
OLIVEIRA, Tatianne Operations and Finance Coordinator Brasília
PADOVANI, Andrew Regulatory Affairs Assistant Brasília
PAOLI, Camila Regulatory Affairs Specialist Brasília
RIBEIRO, Aline Administrative and Financal Assistant Brasília
SANADA, Priscila Regulatory Affairs Consultant São Paulo
URAKAWA, Patricia Regulatory Affairs Consultant São Paulo
ZEMA, Júlia Business Development Manager Brasília
ZIDKO, Ana Carolina Regulatory Affairs Consultant São Paulo


Name Title Location
BEAUPARLANT, Guy Senior Consultant, RA & QA Toronto
BLAIR, Sylvia Business Development Manager Toronto
BUTTERFIELD, Ph.D., Maya Senior Consultant, RA & QA Vancouver
CHRISTIE, David Senior Consultant, Distribution Vancouver
CRAIG, Jim Senior Consultant, Quality Toronto
CUSHNIE, Alexis Administrative Assistant Vancouver
DEPASQUALE, Fabio Senior Consultant, RA & QA Vancouver
GILL, Raj Accounting Manager, Canada Vancouver
LALJEE, Soriyya International Projects Coordinator Vancouver
OLSEN, Lara Business Development Coordinator Vancouver
PILGRIM, Ken Director, RA & QA Vancouver
PILGRIM, Maureen Human Resources Vancouver
RYAN, Nancy Senior Consultant, RA & QA Vancouver
SCHOYEN, Tamara Regulatory Affairs Assistant Toronto
SRIVASTAVA, Ram Senior Consultant, RA & QA Toronto
TAILLEFER, Stephane Senior Consultant, Distribution & Reimbursement Vancouver
TSANG, Carol Senior Consultant, Regulatory Toronto
WISDAHL, Daryl Managing Director, Canada Vancouver


Name Title Location
CHEN, Annika International Projects Coordinator Beijing
CHENG, Daisy Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing
FU, Emery Managing Director, China Beijing
FU, Lee Senior Consultant, Premarket and Compliance Shanghai
HAN, Lisa Regulatory Affairs Supervisor Beijing
HONG, Xiaoming "Diana" Senior Consultant, Regulatory and Quality Tianjin
HUANG, Kevin Regulatory Affairs Supervisor Beijing
LI, Ayisha Regulatory Affairs Supervisor Beijing
LI, Cloris Senior Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing
LI, Ning Test Engineer Beijing
LI, Wei Regulatory Affairs Department Manager Beijing
LV, Bob Test Engineer Beijing
MENG, Fanxing Regulatory Affairs Supervisor Beijing
QI, Kai Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing
WANG, Elena Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing
YIN, Susanna Regulatory Affairs Assistant Beijing
ZHANG, Lucky Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing
ZHANG, Tina Regulatory Affairs Supervisor Beijing
ZHEN, Caroline Regulatory Affairs Assistant Beijing
ZHU, Iris Regulatory Affairs Specialist Beijing


Name Title Location
VALDERRAMA GARCÍA, Sandra Senior Consultant, Regulatory Bogotá


Costa Rica
Name Title Location
FALLAS, Rocio Regulatory Affairs Manager San José
SOLANO, Dicsy Regulatory Affairs Assistant San José


Name Title Location
EL MASRY, Emad Managing Director Middle East Cairo
EL NAHAS, Heba Regulatory Affairs Consultant Cairo


Name Title Location
MARTIN, Franck Senior Consultant, QA & RA Paris
NEYT, Valérie Senior Consultant, Clinical Paris
PAUL, Rachel Senior Consultant, Regulatory Paris
PÉTIARD, Alexandre Senior Consultant, Regulatory Dijon
PESLERBE, Alix Senior Consultant, Clinical Paris
YOUNG, Carol Senior Consultant, QA & RA Paris


Name Title Location
CERNESCU, Roxana Senior Consultant, QA & RA Karlsruhe
EIKENBERG, Oliver Senior Consultant, QA & RA Hamburg
GROTHUES, Jens Senior Consultant, QA & RA Hamburg
HOEPFFNER, Dr. Hans-Jochen Senior Consultant, Regulatory & Clinical Affairs Elmshorn
MEIER, Dirk Senior Consultant, QA & RA Schwerin
ORTSTEIN, Melanie Business Development Assistant Hamburg
REIPRICH, Dr. Alexander Senior Consultant, Regulatory & Clinical Affairs Berlin
ROETTGER, Peter Senior Consultant, Reimbursement Otterfing
WALLSTAB, Uwe Senior Consultant, QA & RA Overath
WALTHER, Dr. Ralf Senior Consultant, QA & RA Rosengarten


Hong Kong
Name Title Location
KU, William Director, Emergo Hong Kong Limited Hong Kong


Name Title Location
CHALAMALASETTY, Sai Madhuri Senior Regulatory Associate Hyderabad
DUTT, Seema Senior Consultant, Regulatory Delhi
KONERU, Mounica Regulatory Associate Hyderabad
MAINAMPATI, Sundar Kumar Director of Development and Distribution Hyderabad
PUDIPEDDI, Venkataramana Rao Senior Consultant, Distribution Hyderabad
RAO M.D., V. Srinivasa Senior Director of Medical and Regulatory Affairs Hyderabad
SINGH, Sunitha Regulatory Manager Delhi
TYAGI, Pradeep Senior Consultant, Regulatory Delhi
YEDUNURI, Sushma Project Coordinator Hyderabad


Name Title Location
AVADIS M.D., Danielle Medical Director Haifa
CHASON, Deborah Senior Consultant, RA & QA Jerusalem
CHIS, Alina Senior Consultant, Clinical Haifa
SIBONY, Simha Senior Consultant, RA & QA Naharya


Name Title Location
CHUJO, Atsushi Manager, RA Tokyo
FURUKAWA, Ayako Specialist, RA Tokyo
IMAI, Noriyuki Senior Consultant, Clinical Tokyo
ITAGAKI, Minako Assistant Tokyo
KATO, Kumiko Specialist, IBC Tokyo
MAKABE, Yuichi Director & COO Tokyo
MIYAHARA, Chika Accounting Manager Tokyo
MIYAHARA, Michiharu President & CEO, Emergo Japan Tokyo
SAITO, Noriko Specialist, RA Tokyo
SATO, Yoko Senior Consultant, Regulatory Tokyo
SAKAMAKI, Aika Specialist, RA Tokyo
SATO, Yoko Senior Consultant, Clinical Tokyo
SEKIGUCHI, Masato Assistant Manager, RA Tokyo
TADA, Mineko Assistant Tokyo
TAKEMURA, Atsushi Specialist, RA Tokyo
TANABE, Koji Assistant Manager, RA Tokyo
TASAKI, Kiyoshi Senior Manager, QA Tokyo
TOKUNAGA, Junko Senior Consultant, RA Tokyo
YAHATA, Tomoki Specialist, RA Tokyo
YASHIRO, Kenji Senior Manager, RA Tokyo
YOSHIDA, Rei Specialist, RA Tokyo



Name Title Location
Fuehrer, Torsten Director, Emergo Malaysia Kuala Lumpur
KUBIK, Frank Senior Consultant, RA & QA Jelapang
MUDA, Norabiah (Abby), LLB, MBA Director of Business Development Kuala Lumpur
NG, Yu Seen Regulatory Affairs Consultant Kuala Lumpur


Name Title Location
AVENDANO, Alfredo Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
BERNAL CRUZ, Maria Guadalupe Business Development Assistant Mexico City
DE LA ROSA ROQUE, Victor Quality Control Mexico City
DELGADO BELTRÁN, María Teresa Regulatory Affairs Associate Mexico City
FLORES, Gonzalo Rendon Technical Translator Mexico City
GONZÁLEZ, Luz International Commerce Analyst Mexico City
GOVEA, Irma Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
GUTIÉRREZ, María Luisa Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
HERNANDEZ, Iran Accounting Manager, Mexico Mexico City
ISLAS RODRÍGUEZ, Adair Regulatory Affairs Associate Mexico City
MARTINEZ, Elvira Regulatory Affairs Associate Mexico City
MATUS MATÍAZ, Eduin Regulatory Affairs Manager Mexico City
MUÑOZ GÓMEZ, Alfredo Technical Translator Mexico City
ORTIZ, Aaxin Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
QUINTANAR, Lorena Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
QUIROZ, Erendany Technical Translator Mexico City
RIVERA, Gina Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
RODRIGUEZ, Nelly Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
SÁNCHEZ, Miguel Ángel Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City
SANCHEZ NERI, Pedro Omar International Projects Assistant Mexico City
SEVILLANO, Ana Belén Administrative Assistant Mexico City
SION, Sylvie Senior Consultant Huixquilucan
TORRADO, Zianya Regulatory Affairs Associate Mexico City
TORRES TELLO, Miguel Business Development Manager Mexico City
VARGAS, Erika Administrative Assistant Mexico City
VILCHIS, Valeria Regulatory Affairs Consultant Mexico City


Name Title Location
BOUMANS, Ronald Senior Global Regulatory Consultant The Hague
BROEREN, Willem (Pim) International Bookkeeper The Hague
BRÜCKMANN, Karin International Projects and Business Development Coordinator The Hague
DE JONG, Marcel Senior Consultant, RA & QA The Hague
DESTRAZ, Stephan International Projects Coordinator The Hague
DEXTER, Nanci Senior Consultant, RA & QA The Hague
HART, Regina Senior Consultant, Clinical Amsterdam
JACOBS, Kelly Project Manager, Distribution The Hague
KASTEEL, Edgar Manager Distribution Division The Hague
KOLBER, Neal Senior Global Systems Analyst The Hague
MAVRAKI, Dimitra International Projects Coordinator The Hague
OBRETIN, Bogdan Online Marketing Strategist The Hague
SCARAMUZZI, Dario Senior Consultant, Clinical The Hague
SCIMIA, Mauro Senior Consultant, Distribution and Reimbursement The Hague
STOSIC, Ema International Projects Assistant The Hague
TUMMERS, Danielle Office Manager The Hague
VERPOORT, Jody International Business Development Coordinator The Hague
VIDAL, Vicenc Senior Consultant, Clinical The Hague


Name Title Location
GUANZON, Erika Senior Consultant, Regulatory Manila
STEEDMAN, Will Senior Consultant, Distribution Manila


Name Title Location
KHARITONOVA, Anna Senior Consultant, Regulatory Moscow
LUZGIN, Vladimir Senior Consultant, Regulatory Moscow
MAKAROVA PharmD, Elena Senior Consultant, Regulatory Moscow


Saudi Arabia
Name Title Location
CHOWHAN, Jamil Manager, Medical & Scientific Division Riyadh


Name Title Location
FUEHRER, Torsten Director, Emergo Singapore  Singapore
REYES, Perle Regulatory Affairs Specialist Singapore


South Africa
Name Title Location
GOEMANS, Brian Country Manager Cape Town


South Korea
Name Title Location
BAIK, Yunjung (Sarah) Senior Consultant, RA & QA Seoul
JUNG, Emily Regulatory Assistant Seoul
KIM, In-Wha Regulatory Affairs Specialist Seoul
KIM, Justin Regulatory Affairs Consultant Seoul
LEE, Vincent Regulatory Affairs Manager Seoul
PARK, Doki Senior Consultant, RA & QA Seoul


Name Title Location
KINDSVATER, Andre Senior Consultant, RA & QA Zurich


Name Title Location
KUO, Kevin Senior Consultant, RA & QA Taiwan
SHEN, Cher Senior Consultant, Regulatory Taiwan


Name Title Location
WONGTHANAVIMOK, Pimpimol Senior Consultant, Regulatory Bangkok


Name Title Location
OZDEMIR, Bogac Senior Consultant Istanbul


Name Title Location
BAGREEV, Maxim Senior Consultant, Regulatory Kiev


United Kingdom
Name Title Location
ARNOLD-ROUND, Jane Senior Consultant, RA & QA London
ASPINALL, Tina Senior Consultant, RA & Clinical Manchester
BAKER, Leeanne Senior Consultant, RA & QA Gloucestershire
BARROW, Deirdre Senior Consultant, Regulatory Ireland
BURNS, Paul Senior Consultant, RA & QA Glasgow
HARWOOD, Joanne Senior Consultant, Quality Leeds
JACOBY Ph.D., Ben Senior Consultant, Regulatory Cambridge
JENKINS, Rebekah Business Development Assistant Sheffield
KEARNEY, Seamus Senior Consultant, RA & QA Moneymore
LOVE, Richard Senior Consultant, Quality Glasgow
MUSSANZI, Rehema Business Development Assistant Sheffield
OSBORNE, Karen Management Accountant, Office Administrator & Clinical Trials Sheffield
PARKER-WILSON, Alison Administration Assistant Sheffield
RAMSAY, Sarah Senior Consultant, Regulatory Manchester
RYLETT, Colin Managing Director, Europe Sheffield
SOMERVILLE, Grahame Senior Consultant, RA & QA Edinburgh
WEBB, Kevin Head of Regulatory & Quality Assurance, Emergo UK York
WILLIAMS, Darla Senior Consultant, Regulatory Wales
WILLINS, Marjory Senior Consultant, Clinical Edinburgh


Name Title
ALEXANDER, Courtney International Projects Assistant
ALMANI, Amir International Projects Assistant
ARAMBURO, Eduardo Project Accountant
Autrey, Victoria International Projects Assistant
BABIN, Christy Business Development Assistant
BARRON-RAJME, Ericka Corporate Controller
BEDARD, Emily Finance Analyst
BEGALA, Mike Senior Consultant, RA & QA
BOCHNIAK, Michelle Regulatory Representation Coordinator
BONEFAS, Alexandra Account Manager
BOULLIE, Ann Marie Vice President of Business Development
BOWERS, Kim Senior Consultant, RA & QA
BRIGHTWELL, Melissa International Projects Coordinator
BRUNDAGE, John Global Sales Analyst
CARLIN, Sarah Quality Control Manager
CASSIDY, Michael Senior Consultant, Wireless Compliance
COUCH, Mary Global Regulatory Specialist
CROWLEY, Tim Senior Consultant, Distribution
CURTIS, Alan Senior Consultant, RA & QA
DAIGNEAULT, Todd Business Development Assistant
DALL'ASTRA, Luciana International Projects Manager
DENG, Kaitlyn Business Development Assistant
DETTMER, Tom Business Development Territory Manager
EISENHART, Stewart Senior Regulatory Analyst
FELICIANO, Ismael International Projects Assistant
FISHER, Cheryl Senior Consultant, Quality
FLUECKIGER, Matthew Business Development Territory Manager
GILBERT, Deborah Senior Consultant, Distribution
GILBURG, Bryan Vice President of Business Development
GILLESPIE, Roslyn International Projects Manager
GILLIS, Ph.D., Rick Senior Consultant, Regulatory
GOLDMAN, Stuart Senior Consultant, RA & QA
GOODSON, Shannon Senior Validation Consultant
GOTTLIEB, Megan Regulatory Representation Assistant
GUCK, Brittany Quality Control Assistant
GUSMAN, Kristi International Project Manager
HALL, Christine Business Development Manager
HALL, Eve Junior Accountant
HENDERSON, Donald Senior Consultant, RA & QA
HETRICK, Carrie Senior Consultant, Regulatory
HICKEY, Len Senior Consultant, RA & QA
HUDDLESTON, Teresa Senior Consultant, RA & QA
JABRI, Carmine Senior Consultant, Quality
KAKAS, Melisa Global Regulatory Research Assistant
KIM, Angell International Projects Assistant
KINISLEY, Dee Senior Consultant, Distribution
KYKTA, Alex Business Development Assistant
LATIMER, Dana Office Manager
LAUBACHER, Craig Validation Program Manager
LAUFER, Jaap Vice President, Regulatory and Clinical Affairs
LENZ, Adrienne Senior Consultant, RA & QA
LLOYD, Yvette Senior Consultant, Regulatory
LOH Ph.D., Evangeline Vice President of Global Regulatory Affairs
MAHER, Jessie Global Systems Analyst
MEAZELL, Dax International Projects Coordinator
MERRITT, Michelle Administrative Assistant, Project Management
MOHANTY, Prasant Senior Consultant, Biostatistics
NAGORSKI, Adam General Counsel
NEMCHINOVA, Anna Regulatory Representation Assistant
NORTH, Cora Business Development Coordinator
NOWROUZ, Elizabeth Global Regulatory Research Associate
O'CONNELL, Sydney International Operations Assistant
OSKOUIPOUR, Parysa Regulatory Representation Assistant
OSTERKAMP, Sara Regulatory Representation Manager
PILLI, Tejita International Projects Coordinator
POLT, Melissa Regulatory Representation Coordinator
POWELL, Julie Vice President, Quality Assurance Consulting
PRADITA, Aristya Business Development Coordinator
PUGH, Elizabeth Senior Consultant, Regulatory
RETTINGER, Joe Validation Program Manager
RICHTER, Brandon SharePoint Coordinator
ROOT, Craig Senior Consultant, Validation
SAFER, Carolina Director of Regulatory and Legal Affairs
SAILSBURY, Mara Regulatory Representation Coordinator
SAUCEDA, Jonathan Administrative Assistant, Business Development
SCHEVE, Christine Account Manager
SCHORRE, Chris Vice President of Global Marketing
SEIPLE, Robert Senior Consultant, Quality
SELL, Tatiana International Projects Coordinator
SENECHAL, Katie International Operations Manager
SHIPP, Faith Senior Consultant, RA & QA
SIANO, Michael Global Regulatory Specialist
SMOLIK, Megan Business Development Coordinator
SOBKOWIAK, Martin Director of Finance
STORRIE, Jo International Projects Assistant
SUDDUTH, Diane Senior Consultant, RA & QA
SWEARINGEN, Audrey Senior Global Regulatory Consultant
TAYLOR, Jennifer International Projects Coordinator
THOMPSON, Andrew Quality Conrol Assistant
TOEDT, Natalia Front Office Assistant/Receptionist
TONTINI, Caroline Vice President of Global Operations
TRIBBETT, Jennifer Senior Consultant, Regulatory
TROYER, Mariko International Business Development Assistant
VAN DER WOUDE, Jetty Global Regulatory Specialist
VAN DER WOUDE, Michael Chief Operating Officer
VAN DE ZANDE, Rene President & CEO
VERHARDT, Sarah Business Development Territory Manager
VINCINS, Richard Vice President, Quality Assurance Consulting
VORDTRIEDE, Mark Senior Consultant, RA & QA
WALLACE, Dave Marketing Content and LMS Manager
WALLACE, Shane Account Manager
WHITE, Lori Global Regulatory Specialist
ZAPATA, Sebastian Senior Consultant, Distribution